Hello from Dusseldorf, Germany!

My flight from the US was a mixed bag: while the flight itself was solid (as the two seats next to me were empty!), Dusseldorf has a strange policy on backpacks that made it seem as if my bag was missing when in fact it wasn’t. That I got my bag is great; that I freaked out about it not being there for a good 45 minutes before I was informed where it was was not great. Bag in tow, however, I proceeded through customs without a hitch where I found Kevin waiting for me (with beers in hand).

We stopped by Kevin’s place, where Till also lives, and dropped my bags off before heading out to some local breweries for a quick bite and a handful of beers. Oli showed up halfway through and joined us onto the next brewery where Janosch and a buddy were. We drank some more beers and then headed out for the Dusseldorf carnival, which was across the Rhine. Niklas had also joined us at this point, and Niko and Fabian (along with their ladies) were waiting for us at the carnival. After a quick bite — see the mushrooms below — we rode the haunted mansion ride, which Kevin laughed through the entire time.

More happened too, but I’m about to catch a train to Berlin and must go. I will be posting a video of Dusseldorf in the future but for now enjoy the pics below.

– David

The words Kevin used to describe this beer were quite vulgar.

The words Kevin used to describe this beer were quite vulgar.

It’s a hamburger without the bun.

Really cool building in Dusseldorf that all our German friends casually walked by like it wasn’t actually a cool building.

This beer was actually pretty good. I think Kevin and I had somewhere between five and ten of them, each.

The most accidentally artistic photo I have ever taken. This is Kevin and Niklas crossing the Rhine on our way to the carnival in Dusseldorf.

Walking through the carnival in Dusseldorf.

Mushrooms, potatoes, and a creamy garlic sauce. It was super delicious.


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