I was not lost.

I was not lost.

Just reached Warsaw by train and boy was that an adventure. Let’s forget about the fact that the train was the loudest one I’ve ever been aboard and focus on the meat of the experience.

I met and talked to this cool Danish guy that plays stand-up bass for a jazz band that tours Berlin and Western Poland, and speaks better English than at least half of you reading this blog. He would definitely fit in with all of us which is great since I think I convinced him to come to America. (Note: he was extremely impressed with what Kern is doing with The Voice, but who isn’t?)

After he got off the train just across the Polish border, I put down some “roasted bacon style” chips — every bit as delicious as you would imagine — while putting together the Dusseldorf video (which is going to be great). When my computer got low on battery, I started having a conversation with an Israeli mother/daughter combo visiting Poland to see all the WWII history.

The "Roasted Bacon Style" chips definitely delivered.

The “Roasted Bacon Style” chips definitely delivered.

About ten minutes in to the conversation, all of the sudden the train car was full of a putrid aroma: burnt rubber. It actually reached the point where the entire back window of the train was grayed by the smoke; I could not see a single thing out of the back of the train because of it. A member of the train staff soon walked to the back of the train and said “this is normal”. And he wasn’t being facetious. I wasn’t having any of that nonsense, so I bailed from my train car and sat between cars.

But let it be known that everything derogatory Kevin said (or thinks) about Poland’s infrastructure and general backwards-ness is probably true. For once.

And now for stacking Oli’s hat. For those of you unaware of what stacking is, click on the word ‘stacking‘ for a video example. Basically, it’s when you stack objects on something/someone else in order to embarrass him/her/it. In this case, I am stacking the hat Oli gave me that has his brand’s logo embroidered upon it. This will be a recurring activity throughout my trip.

Burn! Total burn!

Burn! Total burn!


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